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Occupational License and Zoning Use Permit


The following provides basic information on local, state and federal requirements needed to start a business in Florida. To obtain information on a specific license, state and local phone numbers are provided.

State Licensing Agencies

Many businesses and professions are licensed by the state. To determine if a state license is required for a particular business, call 1-850-245-6000.

Local Licensing

Local occupational licenses are required for most businesses and are issued by counties and cities. Some businesses require an Environmental Health Service review. If your business is located within the city limits of an incorporated municipality, a city license must be procured before a County license

To obtain information on occupational licenses in Baker County, contact the Tax Collector's Office at 904-259-6880 or 2321.

To obtain information on Zoning, contact Baker County Building & Zoning at 904-259-2403.

To obtain requirements for a business located within a municipality, contact the City of Macclenny and Baker County Tax Collector's office.

Fictitious Name Registration

If your business name on your occupational license is other than the legal name of the owner(s), it must be registered or re-registered as a fictitious name with Division of Corporations. If you have any questions, please call 850-245-6059 or 850-245-6052

How to Obtain an Occupational License (step by step)

To receive an Occupational License from the Tax Collector, you must furnish the following information. For questions concerning this form contact the Tax Collector's office at: (904)259-2321 or 6880.

1.Obtain Registration of fictitious name from Division of Corporations.

For questions pertaining to the zoning section, contact the Baker County Building and Zoning Division at (904) 259-2403.

2.Obtain registration from Department of Revenue (lake City District Office 386-758-0420) for Sales tax.

3.If the applicant is not the owner of the property from which the business will be licensed, an owner authorization form is required.

4. Any application for an occupational license where the land use is Commercial or industrial and the property is served by a septic system, completion of the Consumer Health Services, onsite sewage disposal and hazardous material review form is required.

5. The applicable license will be collected by the Tax Collector's Office.

6. Proof of personal identification is required.

Requirements for obtaining an Occupational License for a home address

A Home Occupation is a business or work related activity based or performed in the home, in which no commodity or good is produced on the premises, can be sold on the premises, nor displayed or warehoused on the premises for sale elsewhere. And in which no equipment is present which is normally found in the home.

Home occupations may be permitted in agricultural and residential use areas.

Where doubt exists as to whether a proposed activity qualifies as a Home Occupation contact the Baker County Building and Zoning Department at (904) 259-2403.

Home Occupation Examples

The following activities are frequently approved as home occupations:

Antique Appraisal
Arts & Crafts
Computer Programming
Counseling (no traffic to home office)
Flower Arranging
Handyman (non-structural work)
Insurance Claim Adjuster
Letter Forwarding Service
Professional Services
Sales Promotion
Sales Representative (with no deliveries or inventory)
Secretarial Service

To check if your business can be operated from your home, please call Baker County Building & Zoning at (904) 259-2403.

How to apply for a Baker County Occupational License

Contact the Building and Zoning Department at (904) 259-2403 to determine whether the Home Occupation must first be approved by the Baker County Board of Adjustments.

Occupational License FAQ's

Q. How much does an Occupational License cost?
A. To obtain this information, contact the Baker County Tax Collector at (904) 259-2321 or 6880

Q. When do I need a Baker County Occupational License?
A. Baker County Occupational Licenses are issued pursuant to Baker County Ordinance 99-17, as authorized by Chapter 205, Florida Statutes.

Any person (legal entity) engaged in (or managing) any business or occupation in the incorporated or unincorporated areas of Baker County defined in the above law requires an Occupational License. A license is required for each location conducting business and for each person subject to professional classifications.

Q. What if I change the location of my business?
A. A license may be transferred upon application and fee. Prerequisites for new location must be satisfied (i.e. Zoning, City License, Health Inspection). If a license is not transferred within 30 days, continuing to do business is subject to the same penalties as doing business without a license, as well as payment of the full amount due for each classification.

Q. Upon sale of a business is a license transferable to the new owner?
A. Except for individual professional licenses and exempt licenses, a license may be transferred to a new owner upon application and payment of fee. Any regulatory prerequisites must be met by the new owner. Application for Transfer should be within 30 days.

Q. Are there exemptions from Occupational License?
A. There are a few exemptions and exceptions to the actual issuance of a license, primarily relating to agriculture.

There are Fee Exemptions (license and prerequisites still applicable) for disabled veterans (up to $50); full exemption for 65 years or older ($1,000 less in capital), widows with dependent children, handicapped or invalid. The applicant for the exemption must be conducting the actual business, and not an "absentee owner."

Q. What should I do if I go out of business, or close one of several licensed locations?
A. Notify the Tax Collector's Office in writing, with a copy of the license to be inactivated. If advertising or conducting a "Going Out of Business" sale, a permit should be obtained from the Tax Collector. For additional information on this contact the Tax Collector' Office at (904) 259-2321 or 6880.

Q. How long does it take to get a license?
A. Most Occupational Licenses can be issued the same day you come to the office. However, regulated activities may require inspections or additional information, Therefore, some licenses may take longer to meet issuance requirements.

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